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The specials are thoughtful; go for happy hour and you might stay all night. 2300 Boston St., 410-327-6455 Fans of this quiet bar tend to point out how homey it is, and we can't blame them, given the multiple fireplaces and dim lighting. Bond St., 443-708-3564 A dance club is not for everyone.But this is as good of a bar as any to jumpstart your night, thanks to the diabolically potent "Happy Drinks" cocktail. But those inclined to get loose to the newest thread of dubstep/house/club/acid/disco/juke/etc. Preston St., 410-244-1020 We like any bar - especially a low-key lounge like this one - that pours discounted (and many times, free) shots for every Ravens' touchdown and Orioles' run scored. Charles St., 410-244-0899 If you've ever wanted to experience the Baltimore music scene in person, Metro Gallery makes for an easy introduction. Mount Royal Ave., 410-669-6686 There may not be a more beloved dive in all of Baltimore than MRT.Ask 100 Baltimoreans their favorite bar and you'll likely receive just as many answers.

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It's the ideal place to drink on a budget: $3 Car Bombs and $1 Natural Lights on Tuesdays. 2706 Dillon St., 410-276-9899 Canton's version of Max's Taphouse, Mahaffey's keeps things simple, advertising "Good beer, good food, good friends" on its sign.

But really, this is a place for beer lovers, as evidenced by the pub's "100 Beer Club." Read more. 520 Washington Boulevard, 410-752-1784 Maybe we're still high on Orioles Magic, but there's an undeniable charm to this bar across the street from Camden Yards. Broadway, 410-732-7940 This tiny hip-hop bar isn't for everyone because, well, things get weird on the dance floor.

It'd also be foolish: The weekday happy hour (5-7 p.m.) serves three "toddler" 8 oz. With a clean design, the folks at Frederick's can concentrate on its many gin-based cocktails. Fort Ave., 410-727-4799 For more than half a century, this Riverside pirate-themed bar has kept things relatively the same, which is how its customers prefer it. Luzerne Ave., 410-327-0505 Harry's has cheap beer, a working jukebox and a friendly, old school attitude. Baltimore St, 410-276-0820 Bistro Rx boasts an intriguing menu of seafood, the real draw is its brunch, held from a.m.-3 p.m. While brunch costs $12, another $6 will get you unlimited mimosas, Bloody Marys and screwdrivers.

Be warned: They are strong, and not in a sneaky way. It's dive-y in ways that are charming and not (it's cash only). Potomac St., 410-342-0280 This quaint bar seems hidden in plain view in Canton. Charles St., 410-223-2269 In Federal Hill, familiarity is key, which makes the undeniable success of Cowboys and Rednecks Pub all the more impressive. ,410-276-2044 Having the bar with the best (or most blasphemous? Besides Bear Pong (think overgrown beer pong) and other activities, it's also a great place to watch a game. 500 Harborview Drive, 800-867-5309 Although the Tiki Barge has been a source of controversy since it opened, there's no denying its appeal to the young and bronzed community. North Ave., 410-244-8447 pub" is a label that gets tacked on to anything serving Guinness in dark lighting, but Liam Flynn's gets it right: Authentic decor, dartboards and one of the best beer lists in Station North. 1712 Aliceanna St., 410-675-8466 net/~scotchjh Sure, there's food (basic necessities) and some seats, but above all else, the only thing you need to know about this bar — run by Alicia Horn — is that it serves more than 120 single malt scotches. There's also a KENO machine, because no true Baltimore dive can operate without one.

3000 O'Donnell St., 410-675-4029 JD's has O'Donnell Square's best beer selection, and the food - particularly the barbecue - makes the perfect complement. The atmosphere at Pickles stays loose, making it too easy to look up at a TV and realize the game started an hour ago. But if you're tired of bars blasting the same played-out Top 40 singles or can't stand another second-rate Third Eye Blind cover, Moby's offers an escape. 1390 Lancaster St., 410-522-3200 A loud, constantly packed chain restaurant ... Yes, when you have the best happy hour in the city, you can get away with it.

Happy hour, which includes domestic beers, runs from 3 p.m. Sure, you have to talk louder here, but it's worth it when you get a 22 oz. 36th St., 410-889-8891 Not only will you find excellent bands playing on a consistent basis at this Hampden bar-meets-music venue, but you'll likely find your favorite drink at the surprisingly well-stocked bar. 1700 Thames St., 410-563-6600 What's not to love about this Irish pub? for breakfast and bottomless Bloody Marys and Mimosas, and it gets some pretty talented bands to set the casual mood. Chase St., 410-347-0888 While the Belvedere's 13th Floor bar offers breathtaking views of the city, the Owl Bar remains the reason to stop by the historic downtown building. Fort Ave., 410-468-0357 Don't make it to Riverside often? Cross St., 410-539-2093 Rightfully known for its food, this Federal Hill spot also offers one of the best places to meet new people in a setting that's more comfortable than obnoxious. Bond St., 443-449-6234 Whether it's your scene or not, Baltimore needed a place like relative newcomer Bond Street Social. Cross St., 410-727-6077 Need a breather from Federal Hill's college-like atmosphere?

What we really like is how charming and weird it is. It's a low-key hangout that usually draws an older crowd, but it's a pleasant surprise nonetheless. But Vino also offers a happy hour that won't lead you to a week of Ramen-noodle dinners. Each area — which includes the Disco and the "exclusive ladies' lounge" Sappho's — offers a unique experience. 1710 Thames St., 410-537-5055 Step into this recently renovated bar on any given night, and be prepared to for live music. Charles St., 410-539-7504 Seen one Irish pub in Baltimore, you've seen them all, right?

Quality varies, but after enough beers and Cherry Bombs, that seems to matter less and less. Mick O'Shea's sets itself apart with its "Drink of the Week," which introduces a limited-time cocktail to the menu.

Alternatively, they can head to one of the many cocktail bars.

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