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I remember when he was so down that he had to fly to Europe.I remember the songs, the sad songs he wrote wishing that she’d come back.

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Someone that he had leaned on in every controversy he went through. But, even if Sofia Erica is intriguing, I would like to focus on her comment more. So the news/rumor’s source was from Mizuhara Kiko’s friend. the timeline, the story, the concept of all the songs he made does not makes sense if its her you put in the picture. We, should know this because we’ve written and kept everything here.

Because if you had seen him when she left, you’ll never wish him to go through that again. The woman who, we should pray, will continue to stand by his side.

Any woman romantically involved with an idol know that this is the ultimate betrayal to such liaisons. He is, at this moment, in the brink of losing a relationship he had for the last three years with the woman who is the real subject of his love songs.

The woman who, we should pray, will continue to stand by his side. this line made me think that even if there is the slightest probability that GD had a relationship with this girl, it is impossible that she is the subject of his love songs.

And so the topic about G-Dragon dating has been opened again. Luckily, around the time I got back from school, YG has already denied the rumors. When it is convenient in his Japan schedule, G-Dragon mingles with the female model.

This time, it’s not only speculations but the person involved was named too. They get along, and are close friends, but it is not true that they are in an intimate relationship. I know that even with YGE saying the rumor is not true some are still confused.This is not the time for your faith to our OTP to waver. If you let this rumor affect you, then how will you face the other obstacles ahead?They will face more trials and we should be there to give them love and support. Don't let your faith falter just because you can't see them together.Dara and GD came to the Daesung’s animation movie separately, but from fan accounts and videos in the internet they were seen leaving the theater together.On the top of that when GD was at the stairs, he was purposively giving way to others in order to wait Dara there.59.The source of the Sanpro news article was allegedly one of Kiko’s model friends.

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