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I channel during that last 30 minutes or so giving Eloheim the chance to share THEIR experiences too.ill Crosby, owner and founder of the Conscious Dating Network, has focused on spiritual development and meditation for more than 30 years.

It’s like shopping online—you can look at many different varieties and styles to find exactly what you are looking for, rather than physically searching store after store hoping to find something you like.

Technology has made a tremendous difference in price, accessibility and reach.

I love the balance of your authenticity (read: REAL and down to earth) and your balanced way of sharing wisdom that you bring to your show.

It’s really nice to hear the work talked about by real people in a relaxed way after a concept or tool is revealed by Eloheim.

Natural Awakenings Singles is a niche dating site for those that are conscious, spiritual and green.

Singles with specific interests, passions and lifestyles usually prefer niche dating sites because they allow for more targeted search results, provided that the member database is large enough.

When you notice a strong inner nudge to contact someone, do it.

If it’s not mutual, that’s OK; don’t take it personally.

Our database of more than 90,000 members globally is considered large for a niche.

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