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But they do spend money and the economy needs it,' the hotel manager said.The capacity of the guesthouse is 164 beds in 40 rooms on two floors.for free chat rooms features, amazing online chat rooms, and mobile chat at the click of a mouse.

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It's not a joke.'Their inebriated state also makes them easy targets for thieves.

Convicted pickpockets admitted to Stacey that they could make thousands of pounds a night by taking wallets from the back pockets of oblivious tourists.

Con artists fooled tourists to part with their cash by selling them 'drugs' which could actually be pine cones.

The police said they are often powerless to act because men are too embarrassed to report such crimes, or are too drunk to realise they have been the victim of a theft or con before it's too late - so there's no proof.

The rooms are mainly single, double and triple beds with common bathrooms and toilets. There are also dormitories with 10-16 beds (mixed sex), each one of them have its own locker.

Area of hostel is covered with Wi-Fi internet connection, and in reception we have 2 computers available 24 hours/day.

We asked Rubes which of the obvious sights are worth skipping – and what to do instead. Security checks implemented in 2016 have resulted in hour-long queues at Prague Castle, meaning a trip eats unnecessarily into your schedule.

Instead, Rubes recommends the Vysehrad fortress complex, complete with its own neo-Gothic cathedral, an ornate cemetery, a locally loved beer garden, and panoramic city views. They will treat you as they treat us,” he promises.

If you want to see Rubes’s blood boil, mention trdelnik, a spiral dough, often filled with ice cream, that has gained viral Instagram fame.

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