Black and italian dating

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While doing this research, I came across a dozen of comments and blogs of how widely received we were in Italy, and I’ll admit they were one of the reasons why I was dying to go.

There are a million comments on the internet saying, “Go to Italy, they love black girls there! Even white female travelers were recommending as a place to go.“We’re your weather girlsss, and we’ve got newssss for you!” Traveling while black is an experience in and of itself. ” before making a trip, because let’s face it, none of us want to travel to a place where we will encounter racist remarks or feel unwelcome.(If anyone’s seen , you’ll know why) That’s not specifically for black American girls, but for all. Walking around in Rome I noticed this, but I’m not sure if there is any factual evidence behind it. Also, most caucasian men in the states still have prejudice mindsets.Italian women, as I’ve heard, are extremely hard to talk to (from an Italian man’s perspective). My italian boyfriend reiterated this to me as well, “Italy is a country of men.” In a piazza in Rome in front of the movie theaters, I observed that in every social group there was 1-2 girls and 4-5 guys. Simply meaning that dating an African-American woman isn’t the ideal, certainly not the trophy wife; unless of course you’re a Beyonce.From my own experience, I can say that this myth is indeed overhyped.

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