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7 Cups listeners desire to connect with you through conversation online.

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7 Cups of Tea has been instrumental in creating opportunities for people across the world to talk with one another.

We have listeners available to talk to you about whatever problem you may be facing.

He is 42-years-old, with a 9-inch penis (13.5 inches when hard).9.

King Fatefehi of Tonga, AKA Pimp Daddy Between the years of 17, he apparently deflowered 37,800 women.10.

They then gain access to the man’s blood supply, which can cause inflammation, hemorrhage, and even death. Diphallus A rare condition that affects one in 5-6 million males, diphallus is when a man is born with two penises.

Unfortunately it’s rare that both are fully functional, and it often comes in tandem with other deformities that also require surgery.4.

For instance, I am of the opinion that all of my male Internet haters have teeny tiny ones. ) to a urologist in New Jersey and was apparently 1.5 inches at the time it was sold.

In 1977, the penis was eventually sold for a whopping ,900 (this feels cheap?

Talking and having conversations with strangers can fulfill our need to feel connected.

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