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I'm also including a few popular old pubs along the way and many featured live music from a basic old piano free 'n easy (pre-Karaoke) singalong up to live bands etc.Southampton's legendary nightlife through the Fifties and Sixties boasted many popular pubs, nightclubs and dance halls and this is a glimpse of what I recall when growing up throughout this exciting time.

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Pete Townsend must have bashed ceilings all over the UK as well as his guitars and amps along with drummer Keith Moon demolishing his kit and anything close to hand.

No wonder they were always broke in the early days. This old photo probably dates from 1919-I zoomed in on the reflection that showed a billboard across the road and mirrored the image Shows the Gaiety Cinema and a Tom Mix movie "Rough Riding" Across the road from the old Cliff Hotel 1960s- looking up Portsmouth Road From same area - looking down towards Floating Bridge etc 1950s?

This is documented elsewhere on my website and I enjoyed playing there with a few of my bands during the Sixties so more fond memories.

Close to the water's edge stood the old Cliff Hotel which is now turned into flats but back in the Sixties hosted one of Southampton's finest music outlets- The Waterfront Club.

Johnny (Marlon Brando) is standing by the jukebox and one of his gang members is dancing with a girl and she asks, `B. 'Rebel Without A Cause' also had parents worrying that their kids were not going to go along with the same kind of life that they had carved out but my biggest kick was discovering the new music that would change my life forever.

I was too young to be involved in the antics of my elders but precocious enough to be aware of what was going on around me so consider it all to be an early 'baptism of fire' to coin another cliche.'Blackboard Jungle' starring Glenn Ford as a besieged teacher in an American High School was responsible for provoking mini riots in some cinemas as the kids couldn't help but to get up and jive in the aisles plus singing along with the songs.

The pub was busy with merchant seamen, lorry drivers and many hilarious drag queens off the ships often dressed in outrageous frocks and wigs, despite the illegality of that 'kind of behaviour' at that time!

Many an unsuspecting drunken sailor had a 'surprise' when walking a young 'lady' down the alleyways..... stood another 'racy' pub that is remembered with affection.

I thought it a good idea to mention a few people that are in touch with each other and to update this page now and then - a kind of 'blog' so to speak.

Also, I thought it good to take a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane and recall some of the main music venues that sprung up during the mid Fifties, before the Sixties explosion opened up a whole new world for us all.

Down the bottom of my road across from the local railway station stood the Peartree Hall with a proper stage and a very popular venue until being demolished along with a few houses for the new Itchen Bridge toll booth area.

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