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Tapping on the arrow in the bottom right corner will make your snap visible to all of your Snapchat friends for 24 hours.

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Celebs including Chrissy Teigen have wondered how much of a backlash it will take to get Snapchat to reverse course, while the tech-focused You Tuber MKBHD (Marques Brownlee) bemoaned how the updated app will draw eyes away from professional content creators. 3 at 3pm Eastern (Noon Pacific), Snapchat launched a worldwide AR-based art exhibition featuring the work of pop artist Jeff Koons.

Locations include Central Park in New York City, the Sydney Opera House in Australia and the National Mall in Washington DC, and complete details and be found at art.

Just tap the screen while you're using the rear camera, and select an icon from the carousel.

As is the case with most Snapchat elements, World Lenses can be dragged around the screen, and pinched and pulled for resizing.

Once Snapchat previews this bizarre switch, tap the capture button to take a photo, or press and hold on the capture button to record a video.

If you want to share a photo or video you've shot with all of your followers, tap on the Square and Plus button on the lower left corner after shooting a snap.Here, you'll find the address, phone number and any other information about the place your friend snapped from.Tapping in a Context Card allows you to call a Lyft, read user reviews and even book a reservation on Open Table.The big difference is that the screen on the left side of the home screen is more than just your direct messages with friends, but it also contains public stories posted by friends.You now know if a friend has new stories if you see a blue circle around the icon to the left of their name.One or more of the options in the carousel will grant you the power to paint the sky with rainbows, starry nights, sunsets, rainbows and more. 25, it's still rolling out in staggered waves, so don't worry if your device doesn't have it, it's coming soon.

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