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Some clients, particularly younger ones, are going to find that laughable and/or alienating (and/or hear echos of every government bureaucracy they’ve ever dealt with — which is the only time I can recall another professional wanting me to address them this way), and that affects your business.So it’s an issue about your culture — both internally and the culture you project to clients — and I’d address it that way.I tried to explain how we do things, but she said it was what she was used to.

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Is it just to give her a friendly heads-up about your culture and to warn her that people are likely to find this really strange — but leave it up to her from there?

Or do you really need this to end with her going by Catelyn?

I recently hired a new employee in my 7-person department.

I am very excited, as she has a great experience and her references were wonderful. She started this week and as I usually do, I took her around and introduced her to everyone as “Catelyn” (as we called her in the interview).

Stark is going to seem out of sync with our culture and even standoffish.

Especially with clients, where we deliberately cultivate a warm, friendly tone.” If she still says she wants to stick with Mrs. Stark, in a context where everyone else is using first names?

Any thoughts on how to approach this without it sounding like an edict? And weird and awkward and all the other things I love.

I think the first thing you need to do is to figure out your goal here.

For instance: “I thought more about our conversation about names the other day.

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