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Jason became very close to Barbara Gordon and the two dated for some time, during which time he occasionally worked alongside her alter-ego, Batgirl; in fact, it was in a Batgirl story that Bard first appeared in 1969.

During this first adventure with Barbara/Batgirl, his war disability was emphasized as he was occasionally incapacitated when his knee would give out.

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After the mini-series Crisis on Infinite Earths, much of DC Comics continuity was rebooted. For starters, Bard was a Police Officer with the GCPD working under James Gordon. In Post-Crisis continuity, Jason received his knee injury when Killer Moth shot him in the knee at Lance Investigations (Lance Investigations was owned by Larry Lance, the husband of the original Black Canary and the father of the current Black Canary).

The injury forced Jason to leave the GCPD and pursue other ventures.

She offered to call him with any information when she had any or when she had a job that he could do for her.

Jason came to visit her and he learned for the first time about her paralysis and why Babs broke off their engagement.

Black Canary was captured and Jason had to give up his cover and identity to try and save her.

After Jason's identity was revealed to the kidnappers, they attacked him and Jason was knocked unconscious.

Both he and Black Canary were captured and forced to work in the fields on the island.

Black Canary was planning to escape with Jason's help, but it was revealed that the attack caused Jason to lose his eyesight and he would be unable to help her escape the island.

Jason made contact with Barbara because he said that he missed her and missed talking to her.

Barbara wasn't very interested; however, she suggested the two of them develop a professional relationship.

He appeared in several back-up stories throughout the 1970s and 1980s in Detective Comics.

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