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” After a few seconds a single word popped up: “Yes.” The conversation quickly moved to Skype at the girl’s request.Hansen called her from his personal account, where his name, photograph and location were listed.

Mark, Hans and Albert-Jaap agreed that “Project Sweetie” would be top secret until it was completed.

They didn’t want online predators savvy to their sting.

Heart pounding, he typed: “Wanna chat or cam with older?

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While some children made contact on their own, others were sold by pimps through so-called “cyber sex dens” and still others were offered up for sale by their own parents.

Hans consulted with the team back in The Hague and then ordered an intensive six-month investigation of the phenomenon. Tens of thousands of children in the Philippines were suffering online abuse, found to be just as mentally damaging as physical sexual abuse. Only six men had ever been sentenced for the crime—and an estimated 750,000 individuals were online at any given moment looking to prey on children.

But Mark and Hans were adamant that the approach would work.

With Albert-Jaap convinced, Hans was made team leader.

Joining Mark Woerde and Hans Guijt was Albert-Jaap van Santbrink, CEO of Terre des Hommes.

Now Mark presented his perspective: the problem of online child sex tourism was one of supply and demand, and it was clear that the demand side needed to be addressed.

Determined to get the word out, Hans invited two Dutch journalists to the Philippines to witness what was happening.

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