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"The police, along with Alabama Power, arrived within moments after they heard know what caused the wires 10 melt Building "Itwasn't really a huge fire," said Acting Chief of Police Harry C Marzette There was a problem withthe electrical panel in the closet.

The wires coming out of the main feeder melted together, creating a great smoke condition, which was pulled into the rest of the building through the vents.

b Starter jacket, grayish-black jeans, and a pair of Nike bas Ket-ballshoes. Iespecially think that our students, faculty and other members of the academic community willbe very comfortable with a coach that is an alumnus and former head coach at Vanderbilt, and a former head coach at Rice University." UAB President J Claude Bennett upset over Alabama in 1969.

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In 1983 Brown took the head coach-es job at Cincinnati, going 4-6-1 before leaving to take the reins at Rice. Brown returned to Vanderbilt in 1986 to become head coach and posted records of 1-10, 4-7. Brown's offense broke 57 school Brown tapped as new football coach The University of Alabama at Birmingham VOLUME59, NO.

1 January 3, 1995 12 PAGES Irtfc Hlt COLSTOWPHOTO t Ul UH Offlc«» In m« UAB Administration building on 20th m—\ and S«v*nth Av*nu« South caught fir*on 0«c. Th« building wa* ck«*d inrwn*dlat«ly tor repair* Th«f» w«i« no rapoited ln|uri«» The numerous rumors of the police arnv ing two hours late to the disaster, the Administration Building being closed down for several months, and the whole building being engulfed in smoke are "rubbish," said Jim Garland, associate vice president tor facilities.

Brown lettered as an undergraduate at Vanderbilt, where he was a quarter-back for the Commodores. Brown engineered a Vandy 14-10 Mississippi State for the offensive coor Watson Brown was announced as UAB's next football coach yesterday, concluding a nearly three-week long coaching search to determine who would lead the Blazers as they begin Division I-A play in 1996.

Brown's most recent experience as head coach was when he was at the helm of the Vanderbilt Commodores from 1985-90. After being fired for posting three consecutive 1-10 sea-sons at Vandy, Brown became an assis-tant coach for Mississippi State He left MARCUSNELSON SPORTS EDITOR Bartow emphasized Brown's com-mitment to developing the academic records during his two-year tenure. The 1982 Vanderbilt team finished 8-4 and earned a birth in Birmingham's Hall of Fame Bowl, losing to Air Force 36-28.

Also, your indication that you realized later the reason they ask you whatyou are studying is because "they wish they had the same opportunities" that you have is a strong statement tomake.

How do you know what opportunities they have been afforded? As stupid as he was (is), he represented our school and gave us pride.

Brown was then named as head coach at Austin Peay in 1979 and guid-ed the Governors to two back-to-back 7- 4 seasons.

Then Brown took over the Vanderbilt dinator's position at Oklahoma.

Howdo youknow some of them aren't degree-holding or degree-seeking individuals? UAB needs a mascot to call "Our Y" Ihave two recommendations. This time, let's select a winner we can live with "from here to eternity." It's lime for UAB to come into its own. To be honest, even the most loyal Blazer fan would he hard-pressed to point out the exact spot where campus begins or ends. And what exactly is a Blazer, makes hemlines around the world. It's not enough that UABhas one of the top-rated medical centers in the nation with research that routinely Ift, THUMBS DOWN...

Not everyone wishes "they could become lawyers, doctors or businessmen" as you indicated. For example, my alma mater TUlane is a school ofgood reputation, but has a bad mascot. First, UABis ai Birmingham, a city witha rich history ofcoal mining and steel production. The Vulcan represents strength, virtue and respect, and it is something people see every day. It's time for this university to shake the shadow let the outside world see for itself what ithas to offer. It's not enough that UABhas a stu-dent body that tops 16,000 and is expanding its boundaries to envelop UAB South, UAB Walker and practi-cally all of the city's south side. Mail constantly arrives here addressed (o the University of Alabama, visitors constantly ask when the Crimson Tide willplay next. To (he UABpolice for a delayed reaction to a fire alarm in the Administration Building.

He pulled out his hand-ful of coins, counted them and said, "Hey, my away. Iwanted torun home, get Some money and give itto him. "Could y'all just give me some money, like a dollar or two, for gas." "Jee-Wiz! Newt and his posse think that the major-ityof Americans want a Republican, conserva-tive regime. Myadvice is Republican slime smothering culture and country A state university is no place for forced exposure to the mind-numbing effects of commercials into allareas of modern life.

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