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But both she and Jonny giggled when asked whether romance had taken off between them.

Jonny, who runs a travel blog called Jonny the Pilot, and describes himself as a ‘feminist’, told me he is a ‘good friend’ of Kay’s son.

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Olivia, who is engaged to the baby’s father, financier Pete Davies, is already putting the baby to work.

‘I may as well get her to make some money while she’s in utero.

B is another letter and encodes two data: Letters from A to L represent the months from January to December when the pen had been made at the Hiratsuka plant.

And M to X do the same –M for January, N for February…

(Click on the picture for an enlarged view) On that code, A is a letter ranging from A to Z.

This encodes the production year starting in 1960 (letter A), and increasing on alphabetical order: B for 1961, C for 1962… However, this code disappeared in actual terms around 1980 (and I would love to be proven wrong on this).When Jonny turned 30 yesterday, Kay posted a photo of herself giving him ‘huge birthday hugs’ on social media, calling him a ‘gorgeous young man’.Earlier this month, Kay shared a photo of herself arm-in-arm with her posse of BA pilots, including Jonny, with the caption: ‘Lovely evening catching up with one of these charmers.’She added, suggestively: ‘Tell you more tomorrow . .’Kay has been divorced twice, and has a 24-year-son, Alexander Kutner, with her second husband, football agent Steve Kutner.For these reasons, in 2009 the Commission tasked the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to work out a possible revision of the current FTL rules in light of the latest scientific and technical evidence, and best practice.In general, the existing EU FTL rules were adequate, but needed some adjustments.The EU has one single aviation market, logically it should be governed by one common set of safety rules applicable to all operators.

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