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Plus, I wanted to really warn people against trying out what they see in porn, because they never show that the performers have mandatory STD/HIV tests every 30 days, and that a lot of prep goes into certain sex acts that look effortless onscreen. It's really not so sterile at all -- when I'm on a date and a guy pulls out a condom or glove, I'm like, phew, now I can relax into the sex and not worry about whether he knows what he's doing (or if his hands that just pet my cat are going on *my* pussy). Think about it -- how much fun is she going to have if she's worried about asking you to wear a condom. When you get to know each other better, you'll take steps to get the barriers out of your life, but for now, it'll be more enjoyable if you can just get it on.

I've commiserated with a lot of other women in the sex writing and retailing business, and they get treated this way, too -- it's like some people think that because we're willing to discuss sex in a normal way, it's okay to be socially inappropriate with us, hit on us, make rude comments, or ask extremely personal questions.

And the crazy too-much-information emails we get -- and it's not like they're asking for advice.

Dental dams, condoms, all this plastic mediation between flesh and flesh.

Since a lot of our members enjoy (and are pursuing) casual sex, could you tell us some of your favorite, creative ways to turn all this prophylactic sterility into hot, clean fun?

Every standard straight, or heterosexual, adult video contains an obligatory girlgirl scene -- a scene in which two or more of the starlets have sex.

Girl-girl porn, by definition, is a staged act and not for the pleasure of the participants but for the pleasure of the viewer (defined as male).So the lesson is, don't hit on the girl behind the counter at the sex shop -- she'd make the first move if she wanted to, I assure you.Adult Friend Finder: The STD transmission charts that turn up in your Guides can be downright depressing.And then the sexy Blue goes into a phone booth and comes out: Battlebot Girl, where she is a member of the team at SRI (Survival Research Laboratories, creators of huge robotic war games) -- actually even as Battlebot girl, she's sexy (as you can see from the photo).If you missed parts 1 or 2 of this interview, they're alive and well and living in our archive.BLUE: I know, it's easy to get bogged down by the risks.

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