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If you love this but want a different color, today’s your lucky day because It comes in three different color pallets to fit every personality. Share it on FACEBOOK or GOOGLE , pin-it to PINTEREST, and tweet it on TWITTER.

ABA "Indies Introduce" Selection for Winter/Spring 2018 ABA Indie Next "Top Pick" Spring 2018 B&N Discover Great New Writers Selection "... I was at a conference the day I got his book, and sat down to read it in-between two panels, inhal ... Back in April, I read Jill Baguchinsky's latest novel in a day, and offered to represent her immediately. It's a geeky love story peppered with themes of self image, science, and geek girl power, written in spark ...

shines with heart and hope in the face of prejudice.

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They also do a lot of other cool stuff as well which my early retired friend Justin covers in our full review of PC – check it out: Why I Use Personal Capital Almost Every Single Day.

(There’s also too btw which is also free and automated, but its more focused on day-to-day budgeting rather than long-term net worth building) There’s a ton of different ways to calculate your “net worth,” but technically speaking it’s: Whatever number that equates to is your net worth. Here is my complete list of all net worths I’ve tracked going back to February of ’08.

Look no further, everything you need for VALENTINE’S is right in this post!

We are all about LOVE Day over here, and we couldn’t help but share all of these amazing free valentine printables!

Ahmed tackles weighty issues with thoughtfulness and flair.

I was completely swept away." —Sandhya Menon, New York Times bestselling author of When Dimple Met Rishi I screamed a little the day Tom Ryan sent me a query.

Personal Capital is fantastic tool that connects with your bank/investment accounts to give you an automated way to track your net worth.

You’ll get a crystal clear picture of how your spending and investments affect your financial goals (early retirement? It only takes a few minutes to set up and after that everything is automated, so if you’re serious about tracking your net worth as you build your first million, you can grab your free account here.

You’re totally welcome and happy crafting, friends!!!

Before we get started I can’t take all the credit for this post.

Complete with links to all blog posts where I broke down the month in detail – daddy don’t play around!

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