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Using its powers, the voice gives Stalker new armor and a large greatsword with which to accomplish its mission.

The Stalker asks for the voice's identity, to which it replies as Hunhow, Sentient destroyer of worlds. The Lotus contacts the Tenno to warn them about the threat of the Sentient Hunhow, who has been infiltrating her mind.

Infiltrating the second vault reveals it to have already been accessed and corrupted, thus Lotus entreats the Tenno to find another vault to acquire more data.

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The next mission takes the Tenno to a Corpus Outpost on Neso, Neptune.

The fragment apparently lead Hunhow to a path leading to the Reservoir which passes through said outpost, and that in order to reach it Hunhow needs the Stalker.

While Lotus defiantly claims that he'll never find the Tenno, Hunhow tells her that he already knows due to his infiltration of her mind.

The final vault gives Lotus the final piece of data she needs, revealing it to be a personal message to her.

Back on the player's landing craft, Alad V asks the Lotus what "the Reservoir" is and whether it's a Tenno weakness.

Lotus only tells him that he has already earned his favor from them, only for Alad V to counter that the Tenno are his investment, thus he wishes to see this through.Alad V then tells the Tenno to hurry back to extraction.The mission ends once the player reaches extraction.A cinematic for the quest can be found on The Second Dream's Codex Entry before undertaking any missions.The cinematic begins with the Stalker walking up to a platform, surrounded by floating units of Sentients on all sides.All three data vaults must be successfully hacked in order to complete the mission, otherwise the mission will fail.

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