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Whatever this Chocolate Model/Fashionista does, we can bet it will be a success.

Despite all the coverage, and the media hype of the stories emerging from 2004, a lot of it does sound like a few last minute attempts to make David Beckham look even worse; however, there were a few witnesses in each case.

However, Beckham has confessed to his affair with the “Loos” woman.

David Beckham is apparently not so great after all.

No wonder Lindsay Lohan thought she had a shot him; he’s a total manwhore.

A common twist is for her to be perfectly nice and sweet, but for the rest of the band to be so paranoid about this happening (or at least jealous of the attention shes getting from their bandmate) that the band breaks up anyway.

Related tropes include Dungeonmaster's Girlfriend (if the other bandmates think she gets special treatment); Contractual Purity (where the fans demand that the celebrity not date Yuri: Hey Athena... I mean, you can't hang out with friends in public or date and stuff, right...?

These stories continue to come up about Beckham, because they sell papers (or create web-site hits), while there are so many footballer who have publicly blatant affairs, are caught with prostitutes, get drunk and beat their wives, girlfriends, or random women, and a group who were recently filmed having group sex with an underage girl.

These stories–complete with witnesses and photographs–may make a headline or two and then disappear.

S., after her successful performances in “Celebrity Love Island” and “The Farm.” Where do you get all this crap?

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