Dating a seth thomas mantel clock

The Colibri group of Providence, RI currently owns the Seth Thomas trademark and the Seth Thomas name is once again appearing on clocks. Click here for an explanation and example of how to use our serial number tables. Click here for instructions on how to identify and open most common case types.

Dating a Seth Thomas wall clock is a lesson in time itself. In these cases there may at least be a paper label that will tell you the name of the manufacturer, where the clock was produced and the date of manufacture.

Skill level: Moderate Magnifying glass Clock reference books Note any times, dates, places of workmanship and any other information gained from looking over the clock. Unfortunately, these labels may not be intact enough to gain additional information.

Between 18 they operated a subsidiary firm known as Seth Thomas' Sons & Company that manufactured a higher-grade 15-day mantel clock movement and during that period were major supporters of a New York sales outlet known as the American Clock Company.

After 1872 they also became a major manufacturer of tower and street clocks.

The first watch to reach market was an 18-size, stem-wind, 3/4 plate model in 1885.

Their early watches were 11-jewel and 16,000 beat train.

Huntington and Harvey Platts of Ithaca, New York and added a perpetual calendar clock to their line.

They also added a line of tall-case clocks in the 1880’s The Seth Thomas Clock Company was very prosperous into the 20th century and was considered to be one of the premiere American clock manufactures, even by their competitors.

After the founder's death in 1859, his son Aaron became president and began to add new clocks to the company's line.

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