Dating an exs co worker

Ayana then hatched a plan that would make every John Tucker Must Die fan proud and invited her colleague round her house for a drink that evening. “My boyfriend works at night and gets off at like 1am so my plan was to have him walk in and see us there. As they go inside, Ayana realised her boyfriend was in the bathroom.“As we're pulling up to my complex she goes ‘bitch omggg I live here’. She said: “I hear him yell from the bathroom like ‘bae that's you’.

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You get to see their values, how they work under pressure, and if they’re kind to the people around them.

Work is also a great, neutral environment to get to know someone without the regular pressures of the dating scene, since you have to keep things professional for the most part.

I live with mine maybe we can double date" she's like no he lives an hour away I'm like 🙄 Is T2Pk— IG: AYANATHEDIVA (@Ayana The DIVA) September 10, 2017 With suspense at an all-time high, the man then came into the kitchen and received the shock of his life.

She added: “This n**** comes out the bathroom and comes in the kitchen and sees her ...

She quickly threw her philandering partner out after the stand-off and also apologised to the other girl for setting her up.

She added: “Sis probably don't wanna be my friend anymore though”. We previously reported how a man hired an actor to see if his girlfriend will cheat with her ‘personal trainer'.

“In my head I’m literally praying she doesn't click on his page ...

“But she does.” Things then went from bad to worse when the girl starts referring to her “boyfriend” as her “boo”. (I know this because when they come in the door we both be lookin at each other like) Wwzr9D— IG: AYANATHEDIVA (@Ayana The DIVA) September 10, 2017 Ayana decided to keep quiet about him being her boyfriend, in the hope of finding out more, and simply said that she knows him from school.

"I'm like yea my co-worker here we're about to drink, come join us when you done".

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