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As the unidentified Mom explains, her high school aged daughter was captive, even though it appeared she was free to leave.

Mom explained, "There were threats made to her, I believe involving me.

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They're just guys who send messages saying 'You're Beautiful.' They claim to know about the best parties where young high school girls are showered with piles of cash and unlimited alcohol.

The girls don't find out until later, that the suppliers may be planning to force them into sexual slavery.

And when I left it, it was just like I was leaving a house full of broken hopes and dreams.

And it just really hurt to know how much hope we put into that home and it just all disintegrated.

What makes it even harder for her for to talk -- she's the same woman in the news years ago because of another daughter. Bianca Piper disappeared while walking in Foley, MO in 2005. just because it happens to a lot of young girls that are abducted.

And when I started having gut feelings that that's the kind of lifestyle that Tiffany was involved in, but I couldn't prove it yet, that was the only thing that I could think of, because you try to pull a little good out of everything no matter how terrible it is, that was the one thing I could think of that made it even remotely OK, is that it might put her in a position where she could run across Bianca somehow or another." Though she knows where Tiffany is, she can't reach her either.

She talks her dream in Foley, that included Bianca and then moving away from the apartment she thought would help Tiffany.

“I mean that was why I think it was so hard to move from that apartment.

And it’s hard to understand how you can try to make good things happen and you just don’t. One of my worst fears was that she’s still in this general area somewhere - to be this close to me and I can’t find her.

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