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In Smarter Mail 16.x you can now reply from aliases or even compose new messages using an alias.

We’ve also expanded on that functionality and added the ability to create and map signatures to each new identity you create.

In addition, we’ve made it easier to see a number of user details at a quick glance, including whether a user is authenticated with Active Directory, their last login date, their disk usage and whether that user has Domain Administrator privileges.

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Because we manage mail servers ourselves, we realize how important it is to separate functionality so that mail administrators can quickly take actions on and/or prevent intrusions and other common issues they face.

Combine the ability to do all this from mobile phones and tablets, and we have dramatically simplified, and improved, the life of a mail administrator!

And using a Team Workspace couldn’t be simpler: Just create your team workspace and share the link to other people -- either inside your organization or outside.

It doesn’t matter if you have a group of offsite employees, have “work from home” days or want to have a video conference with customers or contractors: Smarter Mail’s Team Workspaces can easily replace virtually any third-party service you’re using.

And we all use them: email aliases for sending messages to departments or your entire organization; domain aliases for consolidating brands or multiple variations of your domain; user aliases for your “extended” employee base; disposable addresses for one-time conference registrations or even plus addresses for newsletter sign ups and organization.

Each type of alias has its own function, and now they’re even more powerful.That can make it harder to know when a new message is delivered or when you get a team chat or calendar reminder.Well, Smarter Mail 16.x fixes that with browser-based notifications!In the future, we're looking at introducing browser extensions that will allow you to access your inbox, live chat or other areas of Smarter Mail without having Smarter Mail open at all!Aliases are a powerful way to manage your email, manage your communication and manage your life.For example, if you have multiple brands in various locations -- say you have offices in Tampa and Miami, and each has a different domain name -- you can create a domain alias and actually use that as a primary address for new or ongoing communications.

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