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Instruction/Price Card Downloads - Peter's site for downloading many game cards.

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Once you click on a backglass, you move to a view of the game with a history discussion and lots of information around game tweaks and repairs he's done for each game.

He lists the problems he had with each game, and in some cases, the restoration efforts he used such as removing mylar, then the solution with detailed pictures to illustrate the points he makes.

Note that although this site is dedicated to TAF, many of his tips can be applied to other games as well.

Mike also has a group discussion board where you can discuss and exchange TAF comments.

Pinball Parts Action Pinball - Ray Johnson's site for buying Pinball parts.

Bay Area Amusements - website for buying many Pinball parts online.

Clay's Site - a good place to review restorations including many pictures and excellent descriptions.

Faces of RGP - Steve Kulpa's site showing many of the "faces" of RGP contributors. Flyer Reference - a great site for viewing game flyers and following trends in game manufacturing. Great Plains Electronics - Ed's site for ordering most electronic parts for your Pinball game.

She is very kind, gentle and caring, and is responsible and prompt.

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