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Morrow Honeysuckle, , is a dense spreading shrub that can reach ten feet high.

It has large, irregular, tubular white flowers that turn pale yellow after pollination.

Researchers isolated the source of the rhodoxanthin as Morrow Honeysuckle fruit.

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The color returned to normal with the next annual molt.

The orange tails have no apparent effect on the waxwings’ social status or their ability to survive.

A male Common Yellowthroat spat and a cardinal voiced scolded with loud, sharp chips.

A Blue-winged Warbler landed on a honeysuckle shrub and raised his head feathers as he flitted and chipped in a wide circle around me. “That catbird sounds flat,” I thought as I waited for the catbird to finish his song.

The chemical responsible for the glossy cherry color is astaxanthin, a carotenoid pigment found in red fruits. Only adults have the red wing tips, but all waxwings have a bright band across the tip of their tail, like a fresh brush dipped into a bucket of yellow paint.

In the 1960’s banders at Powdermill, as well as observers across the northeastern United States, noticed juvenile Cedar Waxwings with orange instead of yellow tail tips.I have unsuccessfully searched for so many chats that I now seldom try. The generic name means yellow or jaundiced and the species designation, “virens” means green.This seemingly contradictory combination describes the Yellow-breasted Chat perfectly; olive above and bright yellow below, the exact shades fine-tuned over the millennia to minimize its visibility. This combination, called counter-shading, conceals the animal by eliminating shadows.The string of borrowed phrases and squawks never came.I’ve said something like that many times before, “That Blue Jay has no resonance,” or “There’s a person hiding in the bushes imitating a crow.” I should have known a chat was making the sound.I scanned the area where I thought I heard the strange call notes.

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