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If I ever was to date a single dad again, I would prefer taking the time to establish a romantic bond first before being introduced to the child.

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It was very easy being in Mississippi, but after coming home to my family I felt that it wasn't right for me to do so.

Paul is an amazing man, father, and friend but he just wasn't the one for me.

Fortunately, it came natural and easy with Paul and the kids.

After coming back home, I learned that all good things will happen when it's time but they cannot be planned.

It's important for me to be with a man who isn't afraid to show me affection and someone who always asks about my day, my past, my thoughts are.

I truly believe that I may have found my "Prince Charming" with my new boyfriend." "I am dating but I have learned a lot about myself and what my true expectations are of myself and the people in my life.Going into this experience, I thought it would be hard to date a single dad.When I became a parent over night with 4 kids, I thought it would be hard.Even though Valene and I didn't work out, I enjoyed every second we spent together.We will have those memories forever.""I'm very happy and actively casually dating.I really did like Paul, but it wasn't enough to relocate.

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