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An IP camera, also referred to as a network camera, is a stand-alone device that contains it's own internal Web server. IP cameras used to costs hundreds of dollars (and the high-end models still do).

However, you can now get a low-end IP cam like the for around .

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If you want to create a fancier Web page, check out Javascript and Java page templates and applet files.

An IP camera is not the same as a typical "Web cam" that connects to a computer.

Setting up one of these units for Internet viewing is pretty easy.

Because these cameras are self-contained Web servers, they are set to "listen" for requests on port 80 by default.

If your system is connected to the Internet via broadband or modem, have a distant friend or relative try to access it using the public IP address assigned via DHCP by your ISP (or your Web server's URL if you're using dynamic DNS) in place of the IP address above.

Note that thein the META refresh tag in the Web page will eat up some bandwidth.

Note that in the following example we assume you have a Debian server with an IP address of acting as an Apache Web server, which listens on port 80.

(We cover setting up a home Web server on the Internet Servers page.) In order to browse to the camera from the Internet you'll either need to know the external IP address of your router (the IP address assigned to you by your broadband provider) or you'll want to use your own domain name with a dynamic DNS service (see our DNS page for information on how to set that up).

Note that in the above camera configuration page we set the IP address to and set the port the camera should listen on to 8080.

(You can use your own values of course.) If you're using a commercial cable/DSL router instead of a Debian server to do things like NAT and firewalling, we need to set the cable/DSL router to route port 8080 traffic to the IP camera.

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