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Sadie acts mainly as a confidante for troubled heroine Anna Wolek (Doris Belack) but makes several passing references to a daughter that she vaguely says is "lost to her." Anna and the rest of the Woleks assume that Sadie's daughter Carla is dead. Jim Craig (Robert Milli) begins treating a young woman named "Clara Benari," whose illness seems to be psychosomatic — her physical symptoms stem from some unstated mental conflict.

Clara, who is assumed to be Italian American, begins working as Jim's receptionist.

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Price is not in the least sympathetic to Carla's predicament.

If anything, he is even angrier than Sadie at Carla's ruse.

Richlee Shoe Company in Frederick, Maryland boasts that their "Elevator Shoes" have been "making men 2" to 3" taller since 1939." They come with a hidden height-increasing inner mold that evens up the score, in a sense, for shorter men who "want the business and social advantages that being taller has been shown to provide," they say.

Is it true that tall men have better jobs, more success with women, and more money than their shorter counterparts?

The Dating Scene The preference for taller men extends, it seems, beyond the boardroom and into the bedroom.

Steve Penner, the previous owner of a Boston-based dating service, says he heard it all the time.

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Carla soon strikes up a friendship with Anna herself.

On a visit to the Wolek apartment, Clara runs into Sadie.

It is abruptly revealed that "Clara Benari" is Carla Gray, who had not died but run away from home at an early age.

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