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“Yet they’re not doing that when meeting a stranger online for the first time.


Just because they don’t want to be a two-star,” says Amsbury.

The pair say this is great news for the #Me Too movement.

Plus, one man or woman’s Mr Right is another’s Mr Wrong.

Plus, while the app is designed for those aged 17 and over, you can imagine school- age children obsessing over one-star reviews.

Subsequent comments you might wish to make are not anonymous. In response to calls for more authenticity and accountability, dating apps are changing.

Tinder’s Feed, which launched last month, offers a more comprehensive version of the short profile — one in which users can upload picture stories or share the music they’re listening to, more reminiscent of a Facebook profile.

Terry Amsbury and Jamie Forsyth, both 33, want to make dating great again.

Their new IOS app, Do I Date, is, in their words, “Trip Advisor for people” — basically, a five-star rating system with which to rate your date.

We’re a safety net.” If the horse has already bolted on privacy “honest apps” might be the future.

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