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“I think a lot of women fight for equality in their professional lives and assume that it’s a negative to allow yourself to be vulnerable when it comes to an emotional relationship.It’s not.” Successful women say the challenge comes in finding a man they consider a truly equal partner, someone who contributes financially and emotionally.We have climbed to the top of companies, built million-dollar businesses and forged into traditional male professions.

“In this recession, I’ve seen many men who see me just as a meal ticket,” a female senior level executive explains.

“I hide my career and income from men on my dating profiles.

Next, she suggests they let go of being competitive.

“Some women have no problem ripping men to shreds to prove their intelligence.

She began shouting to-dos at her husband before he even had time to decompress after work.” The list was running in my head and I had to get it out,” she says. She also encourages them to put down the i Phone and give their spouse more attention.

She acknowledges that’s not easy for hard-working businesswomen who return home exhausted to switch over to romantic mode.

Plus, unlike other professional dating websites, e Harmony won’t ask you to sacrifice precious hours scrolling through hundreds of profiles of eligible singles.

Instead, we’ll send you a carefully edited batch of match photos every day, tailored to you; saving you time and helping you to check out only the profiles that are completely right for you There’s plenty of choice too; e Harmony is home to thousands of professional singles looking for love online with people who share their values – they’re based across the UK and the list is growing every day.

Everything they touch turns to gold except their relationship,” says Gladys Diaz, owner of Heart’s Desire International.

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