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Questioned as to whether she was away from her home during spring break, she testified she was gone only one night and her husband was with another coach until late that same day.

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Cameron said it could be she was threatened she wouldnt graduate if she didnt tell school authorities she had had sex with him, with the former educator saying also, Im sure she wants attention, thats evident.

Yeah, she looked like she was having a really good time up here testifying, prosecutors remarked in response.

An Ellis County jury has found former Waxahachie High School assistant coach and teacher Chris Cameron not guilty on all three counts of improper relationship between an educator and a student.

The relationship allegedly occurred in the spring semester 2009.

Every day, you were the first person to text (the 18-year-old).

Every day, you were the last person to text (the 18-year-old).

Other coaches who testified as to their concerns and or his whereabouts at times were either lying or mistaken in what they said, Cameron testified, saying, I cant explain to the jury why anyone would lie.

AGs office involvement The state Attorney Generals Office handled the prosecution as former Ellis County and District Attorney Joe Grubbs recused himself and his staff from the case because Cameron was a student in Grubbs Sunday school class at the time.

Cameron said the student was never in his home and there were other ways she could have gotten a floor plan, including looking at other homes in his Coventry Lane neighborhood and visiting her friends who lived in that area.

Under questioning from prosecutors, Cameron said he had no explanation as to why several other students would testify they saw text messages of a sexual nature sent by him to the 18-year-old.

The jurors resumed their deliberations Friday morning, totaling about four hours in all before reaching a decision.

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