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This is why I smile when people use ‘priestly corruption’ as an argument to disprove the church.I rarely ran across priests that I like, but in my view the more the church is infiltrated, the more proof we have that its the truth.

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And why is their main goal always attempting to refute God by using textual criticism? Try scrolling down “textual criticism” on wikipedia and see how you will keep scrolling down to see the scholars and critics all hone in only on the Bible.

Scroll all the way till you reach the sections on textual criticism of the Quran and the Book of Mormon and what do you find? And the only reason these are even mentioned is because they hitch on the Bible.

And yet another scandal, erupted when the Italian journalist Andrea Tornielli published in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale questioning the historicity of Juan Diego who was behind the tilma which the image miraculously formed on.

But it was the same case for the Shroud of Turin when it was first carbon-dated declaring it a ‘fraud’ sparking a great controversy until later on scholars still marvel at its formation with many debunking the carbon dating to also find its amazing miraculous nature to have been impossible to have been made by artists.

Behold the Luthifer-Lucifer exchange: And if papal infallibility were the issue for Luther, can the following be anything less than protestant infallibility?

Following the same thread “even an angel from heaven” which Paul wrote in II Thessalonians II, Luther wrote: “even an angel from Heaven, to judge my doctrine …

1499-1590), the renowned Franciscan missionary, historian and pioneering ethnologist.

High in the cliffs above the kneeling Indian is a much smaller depiction of a man on the hill.

Historians will tell you that Luther opposed insurrection on principle, but cavalierly Luther sanctioned wholesale theft of ecclesiastical properties on the grounds that the inhabitants had forsaken the “gospel”: “If they are not the church but the devil’s whore that has not remained faithful to Christ, then it is irrefutably and thoroughly established that they should not possess church property.” (Wider Hans Wurst, or Against Jack Sausage, p.

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