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Yakima, Washington might have a historical reputation as a sleepy agricultural town, but the rapid growth of craft beer has shown a new light on the valley that produces more than a quarter of the hops used in brewing around the world.There are so many versions, varieties, and approaches here that it would be arrogant to claim this will be your best American IPA, but it’s at least a very, very good one that has held up well to the test of time.

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We tried to look at the importance of freshness from a scientific angle a couple weeks back, and though there were perhaps a couple missteps, it's clear that the people making the beer find freshness to be very important.

Listen to Collin Mc Donnell of Hen House Brewing, who we talked to about freshness: "Beer is perishable and nine out of ten beers are getting worse the longer they stay in the bottle -- hoppy beers in particular lose a significant amount of aroma and start oxidizing (tasting like cardboard or cooking sherry) in a short period of time." It could really be that simple.

Six months is a long time to be sitting in a warehouse, moved around on trucks, and waiting to be picked up on a shelf.

The longer a beer is not consumed, the more likely it is that it gets warmed up or exposed to sunlight or otherwise spoiled." 2) Look at the temperature.

Your local grocer may not have quite the extensive collection of beer, but that beer is either cold in the cold beer aisle, or it's been cold in the cold storage in back, and there's very little likelihood it's been sitting in the window.

Consider getting your beer where you get your other perishable food items! In his speech at Almanac's Beer Talks at SF Beer Week, Mc Donnell pointed out that freshness can be the source of community -- where is beer fresher than your local brewpub? "90% of Americans live within 15 miles of a brewery, so go meet your locals and buy six packs from them," says Mc Connell.

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We recommend you enjoy our IPAs and hop-forward brews within 120 days of bottling.

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