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This optional software update has a cost that depends on the Lexus model—the 2016/2017 15.1 version, for example, had an MSRP of 9 to 0 before taxes or installation (dealer prices may vary).

A common question Lexus Technology Specialists (LTS) are asked is whether the update is worth an annual update, or whether it’s a better decision to add the update every two or three years.

Know about payments made to suppliers with Orderhive’s descriptive reports and plan out your purchases easily to optimize resources.

Use Orderhive to adopt a more streamlined purchase workflow.

Customers with a subscription (either single-user or multi-user access) or a maintenance plan are automatically eligible to update to the latest version of a product.

Download updates by logging into Autodesk Account as explained in Updating Software in Your Autodesk account.

If the Program Version below does not show Version 13.0B, please download the latest from this link:

You can also remove the key from the server and complete the update process on a workstation.2.

For more information about perpetual license policy see the article, Perpetual License Changes Information.

Orderhive's Purchase Order Software allows you to automate the process of purchase order tracking.

Autodesk no longer offers new, perpetual licenses for individual Autodesk software products (except for Creative Finishing products).

Customers who purchased a product with a perpetual license before February 1, 2016 or a suite with a perpetual license before July 31, 2016 can only update to a newer version if an active maintenance plan is attached to the license.

If the update process does not work, we may not have the latest key image for your license.

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