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Clare is devastated to discover Henry's impending death.Later, Henry time travels and is accidentally shot by Clare's father, who is hunting elk. Some years later, a younger Henry visits Alba and Clare, giving Clare hope that he will visit again, though he tells her not to spend her life waiting for him, hoping this encounter would provide a proper closure for both Clare and Alba.

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Rachel mcadams eric bana dating

The official motion picture soundtrack was released as a download on August 11, 2009 by New Line Records.

A CD version was released by Decca Records, but is generally only available from vendors outside the United States.

Moments later, Henry is helped by an older version of himself who has also traveled back.

Unable to control the timing or destinations of his traveling, Henry finds himself drawn to significant people, places, and events in his life but is incapable of changing events beyond the minor differences his presence creates.

They seek a renowned doctor's help, but after numerous similar miscarriages, Henry has a secret vasectomy to end their suffering.

However, soon after, Clare gets pregnant one last time—by a visiting younger version of Henry—and carries the baby to full term.As a child, Clare develops a crush on Henry, and she is upset to learn that he is married.When Clare turns 18, two years before their meeting at the library, the older Henry kisses her, leading her to realize that he is her husband in the future.Clare explains that she met Henry's future self when she was a child, and that he informed her then that they would meet in the future, which is happening at the moment.Since childhood, Henry has been Clare's best friend and has visited her.Mc Adams later noted that the delay was due to additional scenes and reshoots that could not be completed until the season at their outdoor location matched previously filmed footage, and Bana had regrown his hair following his work on the 2009 film Star Trek.

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