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The stats are in (and, drum roll…) Australia is a nation of uniform-lovers!I came upon some interesting statistics the other day, resulting from a survey conducted by, and apparently,a whopping 82% of Australians would consider entering into a relationship with a man or woman in professional uniform!Fantasies and giggles aside, there is a sad truth for uniformed personnel, where the often long hours and demanding nature of their roles can place a lot of extra strain on their relationships.

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The survey also found that a third of Sydneysiders believe that service men and women looked “unapproachably tough” in their uniforms (…

now this can’t be good news for uniformers looking for love?

Full dress is the oldest form of uniform and presents the most differentiation between units; although there is then a 'steady thinning out of regimental features', through ceremonial dress, service dress, barrack dress and combat dress, a level of regimental distinction runs throughout.

Senior officers, of full colonel rank and above, do not wear regimental uniform (except when serving in the honorary position of a Colonel of the Regiment); rather, they wear their own 'staff uniform' (which includes a coloured cap band and matching gorget patches in several orders of dress).

However, (and luckily for all the other deserved uniformed workers), the survey showed that the appeal of “uniform dating” isn’t just limited to stethoscopes and bedside manner.

After doctors, the most desirable male Sydneysiders in uniform were: Firefighters, Police, Pilots, Lifeguards, Nurses, Navy Officers, Paramedics (interesting! As for females in uniform, the list went: Nurse, Air Steward, Doctor, Police, Pilot, Firefighter, Airforce Officer, Lifeguard (oh, Pamela – forever etched on our minds), Navy Officer and then, Army Officer.It is worn by all Household Troops attending the Lord Mayor's Show, and also when participating in guards of honour or recruiting drives.Most other regiments maintain full dress for limited special categories: these include drummers (line infantry), buglers (rifles), trumpeters (cavalry), pipers (Scottish and Irish units) and in some cases guards of honour; however, all of these uniforms must be purchased and maintained from non-public funds.Full dress is the most elaborate and traditional order worn by the British Army.Characterised by the historic red coat, as well as by elaborate headwear and other colourful items of dress, it was withdrawn from general issue in 1914 but is still listed in the Army Dress Regulations, which speaks of it as "the ultimate statement of tradition and regimental identity in uniform" and the "key" to all other orders of dress.Leave us your comments below (and earn Audrey dollars for doing so!

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