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That all said, I wouldn't rule out also trying something like I am in my 40's and going through a divorce, but I expect that someday I will start dating again. She's into the idea but doesn't know where to start. He now is fighting the curse of being an older single male who is stereotyped as out of the running since he must be seriously flawed to be single now.I have a young child and work at home, so meeting men out in the real world will be very hard. Any chance your friend likes skiing, hiking, biking, camping?Your assumption that single unmarried men in their 30s are no longer any good doesn't make any sense.

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East bay dating scene

Maybe you should tone down the pregnancy talk and pursue some activities that you both enjoy, that don't involve checking out baby strollers. Bob Ya know, I don't know your friend, but as someone who met my husband when I was 33 and he was 29, I have to say I think the reason we got together was because I was ready and I had come, after a long time and a lot of work, to truly love myself and accept that I was fine and happy single.

Once I reached that conclusion and wasn't consciously looking, it happened. Ten years earlier I wouldn't have even talked to him, much less date or eventually marry him.

It seems to me that there are plenty of 33 year old guys who have never been married.

Especially if they have some great job that required extended education.

I have made some new friends and dated some great guys..people are 30 - 60 in age. The SF Bay in general and Berkeley in particular have several very active dancing communities. Jan 2008 I am expecting my first baby and my best friend is 33, childless and single.

The age ranges vary, but there are a lot of older people (some of them single) in the Tango community where my wife and I dance. There are also plenty of good on line resources/articles about the etiquette of on line dating (and safety factors). I often feel bad about talking about how happy my babydaddy and I am for fear of making her feel bad, though she is always happy for us and never pouts or guilt trips. looking out for that 3rd wheel The single guys in their 30's are not all duds.When I am ready, I plan to try online dating, specifically My brother is intelligent and active and would love to find a woman to match him.I have friends who swear by it and say that everyone they know who used it had success. Finding bright women has not been the main challenge; bright women abound.Giving her a chance to be honest about whatever she's feeling might just be the best thing for your friendship going forward. Our oldest son is back home, socially shy, working but having difficulty reaching out. Concerned mom Your shy son has the best chance of meeting someone of the opposite sex if he goes to groups that do what he loves doing the most.And take my word for it, no matter how much you love your baby, there will most likely be moments when you envy her freedom to spend a whole Sunday morning reading the newspaper in bed or run off to a movie or whatever. For example, if he likes hiking, he can meet single woman in their 30s by going on hikes with East Bay Casual Hiking Group ( would be concerned if someone was divorced and out on the prowl by 33 honestly. She just needs to stay on the scene a little bit instead of getting too cozy being the only single in your crowd.

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