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There are a few simple rules for voiceless E, but they do not cover every possibility.

One thing you could say is that the stress of a word is rarely on the voiceless E - hear: But unfortunately, be, ge, te, ver, en, er or el are not always prefixes or suffixes.

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But my recommendation to students is to pronounce those final N's, because they are written and dropping them would just add another rule to learn.

At the beginning of a word, English R starts with the tongue touching the top of the palate, and then moving down; it's a 'rolling' sound formed in the middle of the mouth.

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However, short U is a regular vowel, and words can have short U and voiceless E as their only vowels, as for instance: Keep lips relaxed, not rounded like in English W; Dutch W starts with the top of the lower lip touching the front upper teeth, but not clearly blowing out air like for a V or F.

The sound is formed in the back of the mouth, and not in the front like English W.

An alphabetic list of almost all Dutch words on this page with English translation.

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