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A Text Room is a normal chat room which users can join.

The company is headquartered in Essex, UK, and although Faceparty has a global user base, its marketing is focused on the London area, where it's responsible for organizing events such as the Hamsters of Rock festivals.

The service has also been a part of many discussions and controversies around the topic of teens and their use of the site.

Included in the package are: Summary Faceparty is an interesting social network with a broad range of features and tools.

It retains a fairly substantial user base, but its market share has been largely eroded by newer players.

Although, it isn't hard to see why Faceparty lost out: while My Space and Facebook offer all their features for free, Faceparty's business model and revenue stream seem outdated.

Nonetheless, the company is getting with the times - it plans to launch music and video uploads later this year.

For security reasons, please leave caps lock on while browsing.

Faceparty is one of the oldest social networking sites still in operation, with its launch dating back to August 2000.

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Faceparty Pictures One of the handy features Faceparty gives users is the ability to upload, manage and share photos.

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