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MSF offices in Beijing and Taipei have also received inquiries about some people claiming to be MSF field workers saying that they were raising funds to establish an MSF foundation or to build a new hospital.

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"At the same time, parents play a critical role in guiding their children and helping them to stay away from undesirable online content," he said.

FSM & MSF is short for female seeking male and male seeking female, these acronyms are commonly used to describe someone in chat or on an online dating service who is looking for a partner.

A more effective and enduring solution lies in increasing their awareness to the dangers, so that they can exercise discretion and good judgment when navigating the online world, he added.

He cited how school students are taught to establish boundaries for personal safety when managing both online and offline relationships.

MSF is quite certain that these kinds of requests from people claiming to be “MSF field workers” are false.

They are abusing the public’s kindness and exploiting the name of MSF.He was responding to questions by Mr Seah Kian Peng (Marine Parade GRC) and Ms Tin Pei Ling (Mac Pherson), who wanted to know the Government's position on Malaysia-based dating platform, The Sugar Book.Ms Tin had also asked what measures there were to protect young people from such platforms that aim to capitalise on their emotional or financial vulnerabilities and exploit them sexually.There is also FSF & MSM, which are short for female seeking female and male seeking male are also supporting Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza with a full surgical team, medical equipment and emergency supplies, and has donated two emergency stocks to the Central Drug Store in the south and north of Gaza.MSF has already reported several cases to the police, and is asking everyone to watch out for these false claims and not to transfer money to any unknown person’s account.

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