Is niall horan dating holly scally

He along with his group mates grew to fame in quick succession giving hits to the industry one after another.

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He screamed when Justin Bieber followed him on Twitter. He has Claustrophobia, which is the fear of small/enclosed spaces. Two years later, she was the victim of a cruel internet rumor claiming she had died of cancer.

He stated that they broke up when he was on the show because he wanted to concentrate on his career.

with whom he stayed for four years, before they broke up in March of 2015.

News then broke in June of that year that Tomlinson was expecting a child with Briana Jungwirth, a stylist pal he met through “mutual friends.” In that same month, he was spotted strolling the grounds of Glastonbury Music Festival in England with model Tamara Bell. 21; Tomlinson was present for the delivery, but days later, was spotted out with rumored new girlfriend Danielle Campbell.

Niall Horan is a talented singer and is member of boys band, One Direction.

His involvement in the band was introduced with the group being formed during The X Factor (UK).

Niall lived at both parents homes before he decided to stay long-term with his dad, and he felt that living in Mullingar was the easiest thing to do back then because all of his friends were there.

Niall’s stepfather is from England and he’s also got family there.

Pretty boring compared to the rest – not even a Jenner in the stable!

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