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”She took half a step nearer.“Now,” she said as she raised her right hand. She tasted divine as our tongues fought, first in my mouth and then in hers as I became bolder.“Shut your mouth,” her fingers raised my lower jaw to meet my upper jaw, “and kiss me please.”She lifted her head towards mine and I lowered mine to meet hers. Her eyes were closed as she savoured me and I closed mine to maximise the touch.You have never asked me for anything other than to go for a drink and after that first evening, you walked me home you never invited yourself in or even asked for a kiss.

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Hi fi girl free live sex chat online com

It was Helene who finally broke away and whispered, “Let's take this to the bedroom.”“I'd love to,” I replied finally getting my voice back. I looked down at her small but perfectly rounded bum framed by the thin material of her g-string hanging off her hips.

Half way along this piece of “string” a second piece of material joined and this disappeared quickly into those perfect bum cheeks.

As we entered the bedroom she turned to me and smiled and lead the way to the bed.

The lighting was subdued and there was some sort of incense burning but I didn't notice much else about the room.

She looked up at me and her hands reached up to my shirt buttons. Her hands slid down my trouser legs until she reached my feet. I did so and she removed my shoe and sock, and then she did the same with my other foot, placing both shoes with socks tucked in carefully at the side.

She started undoing them from the top as I looked down between her arms at her nipples which were fully erect and probably a centimetre long. She then raised her hands to my belt carefully undoing it followed by the button and zip.

Helene leaned forward and gave the head a quick kiss before lowering my boxers further to free my balls as well.

As she lowered my boxers to my feet she spoke again.“You have a beautiful cock Phil and it's wonderful to see you are shaved.

The yellow heels were still there but apart from that, all she wore was a matching (of course) yellow g-string oh and the gold necklace. She walked towards me, the heels now silent on the carpet, and stopped arm's length away.“Phil,” she started, “well my surprise seems to have worked, but before we go any further I would like to say something.

Most men I have gone out with have just wanted to get inside my knickers right from the start but you have been a perfect gentleman.

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