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Even professional associations that once pooh-poohed the practice are now issuing guidelines for online therapy.

Therapy will be conducted (via email or chat rooms) with remote or extended family members located thousands of miles from each other." Despite these predictions, online therapy remains controversial.

Little research has been done to show its effectiveness or whom it best serves.

In 1996, Ainsworth found only 12 therapists willing to counsel her online, and felt confident with only one.

"It was really convenient doing therapy by email," she says.

My sister and I regularly stopped in Waldenbooks as tweens to check out the latest issues of Teen Beat, Bop and the like.

On the top shelf, wrapped in plastic, were the issues of Playboy.And even then, "Online counseling is not for everyone. And people who are in the midst of a serious crisis need more immediate help." One advantage to cybertherapy is convenience; it's as close as your computer, available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and you don't have to worry about how you look or what you wear.You can also keep a written record of your therapist's advice for future reference by saving copies of the messages you exchange.) and The Girls Next Door became a cultural phenomena. Quinn Medicine Woman and modern-day grandmother is gracing the pages for the third time.Soon everything and anything Playboy was open to just about anyone and the magazine eventually had to evolve to hang-on to readers. She was also featured in the early 1970s and again in 1987."Within ten years, computers will become so embedded in our lives, we won't even think of this as telehealth," she says.

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