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It's a whole experience we can share." What women need to know about men: "If a guy really likes you, he'll find time to see you regardless of how busy he is." Foxy foodie: "I love to cook and bake — I make an awesome white chocolate pudding! "I think there are probably lots of potential soul mates for all of us." Do you manscape?

Name: Eric Heidenberger Age: 26 Location: Chevy Chase Job: Bar manager Email: [email protected] He's a people person: "I am social and love feeding off a crowd's energy.

I can get along with anyone, no matter what they're into." Wow him by wearing: "A workout getup.

resize=768:*" /Name: Thomas Foley Age: 26 Location: San Francisco Job: Founder and CEO of a financial tech company Email: [email protected] profile: "I am ambitious and energetic, love solving problems, and am optimistic — maybe unrealistically so." In his downtime, catch him: "Reading, playing water polo, and surfing." Chick traits he craves: "I want to meet a woman who is honest and open but not needy." Sweet spot: "My ears" Sexiest outfit on a woman: "My shirt and boxers" Baffling female behavior: "Sometimes when I'm with a girl, we'll run into her friend. "Yes." Name: Tommy Edmunds Age: 26 Location: Fairfax Job: Commercial real-estate manager Email: [email protected] the words of his best friend, who nominated him: "Tommy is fun to be around, ambitious, and a huge stud!

She'll compliment her friend's outfit — then turn to me and say it looks awful. " Business baron: "I see myself running my own company someday." Compliment he craves: "Saying ' You're perfect' would make me feel great." Shy guy: "Big packs of women are intimidating.

resize=768:*" /Name: Patrick Ballard Age: 28 Location: Denver Job: International marketing consultant Email: [email protected] profile: "I'm confident, smart, and ambitious." Catch his eye by: "Looking my way and smiling." Great first date: "Something unique she's never going to forget, like skydiving" Girlfriend must-have: "I want a woman who's family-oriented, because I'm very close with my family." Outfit he'd love to see you in: "My buttondown shirt and boxers" Baffling chick behavior: "I wish girls would speak their mind more and not make me guess what they want." Girlie guilty pleasure: "The Name: Tripp Davis Age: 26 Location: Ridgeland Job: Accountant Email: [email protected] words that describe him: "I'm relentless, dependable, and caring." His buddies call him: "B-Tag, because I'm big, tall, and goofy!

" Relationship style: "I won't date a girl unless I can see myself marrying her down the road.

I'd rather have a one-on-one conversation than approach a whole group of girls." First-date fear: "I'm always anxious about breaking the ice and having interesting topics lined up." Sweet spot: "The inside of my thigh" Sexiest girl garment: "Boy shorts" Do you manscape?

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I see a lot of people asking/saying they got a 2:1 or a 2:2, but what exactly is it?

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