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" "Well I`ll see you tomorrow then." "Sure, I`d love to." Click on front door "You drive like a maniac but I kept up." --Watch them walk away-- --Sit on the couch-- --Wait patiently..pray she doesn`t notice the door is open.-- I was ... " --Look left-- "I`m ready." --Enter her quietly-- --Head over to the window-- --Follow her-- --Take off her skirt and turn her around-- --Turn her back-- --Cum inside her-- --Go and find clothes-- "Hell yeah...

now get out before we wake her up." --Get back into bed-- "Fancy a quicky?

You`ll watch her roommate for a while, then will have the option to take the dildo. The first complaint is that you need to get this on a real server. Second complaint - the storylines are long (good thing) but you really need to have an "undo" or something, because once you`ve screwed up a choice you`re done unless you start ALL the way over.

still can`t get the dildo i keep waiting for 15 min and still nothing happen for me i am using firefox version 19.0.2 and it`s the empty window to the left not the one with a guy jerking off right ? Lastly, there seem to be some game flow issues - repeatable choices and things like that.

Wicked game - love that you can tap all girls (if you get the right sequence) but some variety of (positive) outcome with each could be fun. --Watch her-- --Oblige-- --Go to the lounge-- --Take CD-- --Go back to map-- Click on Cassie and Vic`s house (use help button if required) --Knock on the door-- --Go into the bedroom-- "ALRIGHHTTTT. " "OK sure, I`ll try this" "Did your fuck-buddy move away or die of exaustion?

its fun but gets trivial after a few playthroughs,beacuse its not complted,i would also love that fysio to get in order(besides from nailing the blonde that is)something with potential to become really good,just keep at it. Personally, I wouldn`t grade this game high, to me the story could have been twice as long and a lot more choices. It`s a new type, and has potential to be greater than it is right now.

" "Yes ma`am" --Look down-- --Cum under table-- "Oh crap, we are terribly sorry." "Ah...thank you." "That`s fine with me.... " "Absolutely fine." "Damn that looks good." "I feel a little uncomfortable standing up at the moment." " hard work. I was just having you on." "I have a new favourite exercise." "No wait... " --Sit down-- "I don`t think I`ll ever forget." "Is that a problem?

I`m taking my mind off the pain." "Awesome, I can`t wait. ." --Hold her feet-- "But boy is it ever paying off! " --Watch-- "I can see why." "Don`t raise your arms above your head and you`ll be fine." "Anything to help. Promise me you`ll stay out of sight." "So what are you getting out of this? " --Grab her arse-- "Seriously, you are going to leave me standing at attention? " --Watch her leave-- --Back to the apartment-- --Back to the map-- *** Cassie and Vic Part 2 *** Click on Cassie and Vic`s house (use help button if required) --Knock on the door-- --Go to her bedroom-- "With you dressed like that, I don`t think you could stop me." --Get dildo-- --Follow her instructions-- --Insert dildo-- --Hump away-- --Keep pounding-- "Seriously? --Exit the changing rooms-- --Head over to the couches-- --Sign more paperwork-- I`m really looking forward to seeing more of you too Are you serious, where? Hell yes, wait for me My speciality You can only find the dildo at a specific time. " --Join in-- --Follow instructions-- --Take her panties off-- --Go down on her-- --Oblige-- --Tell them both to roll over-- --Lie down-- --Look right-- --Look down-- --Cum in her mouth-- --Go and sit down-- --Watch-- --Watch-- --Watch-- --Watch-- --Watching that, I`m lucky there is any blood left anywhere else in my body-- --Go over to the bed-- --Slip you cock in-- --Go faster-- --Cum inside her-- "Ahh, now that`s a story for another time." --Go and sit down-- To get the receptionist during the intro I`m thinking of joining... Sign on the dotted line Follow the receptionist I`ll come here every day if you keep wearing that skirt It`s the truth, you look amazing in that outfit.

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