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I have been reading most of the comments and find lots of errors/urban legends ect.

I fo you realy want some facts about this song, I would recomend getting a DVD copy of "Tom Dowd & the langrage of music".

It would be good just to know the facts- it is a shame that we don't have them as it is a beautiful and amazing song.

That's how one of the most famous drummers of the 1970's also played one of the most widely recognized piano solos. For such a reason, based on Kittie's insight, I'll bet the "cool-down" ending & the title "Layla" is an inside joke. Does anyone see similarities between the theme (motif) of Layla and the first movement of Beethoven's 5th? Both are works of genius and inspire something undefinable within us.

If I have a daughter, I might very well name her "Layla" for this reason. There are a lot of contradictory facts concerning this song.

Nash says, "Even though Jimmy Gordon got the credit for it, it was actually all Rita's."Music Fact: Layla Eric Clapton and George Harrison were Best Friends. Layla was the tale of a young man who fell hopelessly in love with a beautiful, unavailable woman and who went crazy because he could not marry her Eric wrote Layla for about Pattie Pattie Left George for Eric Duane Allman played on the end of Layla shortly before he died in a motorcycle accident.

Another member of the Allman Brothers died exactly one year to the day of Duane's death in the same spot- motorcycle accident The coda (piano part) was written and played by one of the BEST drummers EVER, Jim Gordon who seven years later put the claw of a hammer in his mothers head-killing her.

He is STILL on Death Row Pattie left Eric and went back to George!

Layla is STILL considered one of the Greatest Rock Love Songs Ever! Not too long ago I was in KC and hear a bar band cover it, something you hear very often. I would think you have to have your musical chops to even attempt it.

Wikipedia says this song ranked at 7th place on UK chart. [The song charted at #7 UK when it was first released in 1972, and at #4 when it was re-issued in 1982.

We typically list the highest chart position a song attains - editor]According to Graham Nash's book "Wild Tales," Rita Coolidge (whom he was living with at the time) composed the piano coda.

Nevertheless- Clapton was obsessed with Boyd but his own drug addiction probably led to him not even being able to remember all the details when he was creating the song in the studio.

He was also not able to cope with life himself- he was also completely unable to deal with the challenges of stardom as he was self focussed and had a desperate need for validation.

Hendrix had his own set of problems, but talent wasn't among them - that being said I get tired of Hendrix much faster than many lesser guitar players like Neil Young.

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