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On page C-6 of the EIS we read: “A change in sound level of about 10d B is usually perceived by the average person as a doubling (or halving) of the sound’s loudness, and this relation holds true for loud sounds and for quieter sounds.” The F-35 has a maximum sound level that is 21d BA higher on takeoff and 22d BA higher on landing.Under that rule of thumb provided in the EIS we can consider that the first 10d B of the 21d B is perceived as a doubling of the loudness from the F-16 level.

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The difference in maximum sound level is 21 d B on takeoff so 10 log (A1/A2) = 21 d B log (A1/A2) = 2.1 and A1/A2 is 126 where A1 is the maximum sound intensity of the F-35 and A2 is the maximum sound intensity of the F-16.

That means the maximum sound intensity of the F-35 is 126 times the maximum sound intensity of the F-16.

The second 10d B of the 21d B is perceived as a doubling from that doubling, or four times louder than the F-16. So we can say “according to the numbers given in the Air Force EIS, the F-35 has a maximum loudness that is more than 4 times louder than maximum loudness of the F-16.” For those also interested in sound intensity, the numerical difference between the F-16 and F-35 is much greater.

The formula for the difference in sound level in d B = 10 x log (A1/A2) where A1 and A2 are the sound intensities (also called sound amplitudes and sound pressures).

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“We’re going to do some big things on the F-35 program and perhaps the F-18 program,” Trump said in a press conference last January.

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The human ear perceives that 126 times more intense, or higher pressure, sound as being more than four times louder.

For more on sound, decibels, sound intensity, and loudness go to at this site you can click on the graphs and hear the different sound levels displayed By Ashley Curtin January 5, 2018 While the F-35 jet program’s cost jumps to 6 billion from the original price tag of 9 billion, members of Congress continue to insist that the U. is “too broke” to increase spending on programs that intend to improve education and healthcare within the country.

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