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The ball pings him high on the pads and rolls away.England lose their review Adil Rashid to Holder, 2 runs, Holder paddles it fine and scampers for a brace.

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If you missed that knock from Moeen Ali, I'd suggest you go out of your way to catch it. Meanwhile Holder gets some attention by the physio who takes a look at his right shin bone. Moeen Ali discusses about a review and they go for it.

J Mohammed c Bairstow b Plunkett 38(53) [4s-3 6s-1]Plunkett to J Mohammed, THAT'S OUT!! Plunkett to J Mohammed, no run, Mohammed punches it to cover Liam Plunkett [5.0-0-29-2] is back into the attack Just a slight drizzle in the air, but not enough to take the players off the park.

Wasn't there to the pitch of the ball, yet wants to go through with the shot and skies it under long-on. Bairstow puts in dive and saves three Woakes to J Mohammed, no run, back of a length delivery on the stumps, Mohammed whips it wide of mid-on Chris Woakes [5.0-1-27-0] is back into the attack19-run over from Moeen Ali has brought to a bowling change.

Woakes settles himself under the ball and takes it cleanly. Woakes to replace him Stokes to J Mohammed, FOUR, now Mohammed gets into the act.

Holder stays on the back foot to a full back and wears it on the pad. He is inches short and OUT flashes on the giant screen. He did sprint initially, but the throw from Rashid was acccurate to catch him inches short at the bowler's end. Gayle run out (Adil Rashid) 94(78) [4s-9 6s-6]Woakes to Gayle, THAT'S OUT!! The ball bounces just once inside the boundary Woakes to J Mohammed, 1 run, Mohammed cuts it to the left of Bairstow at sweeper cover and calls Gayle for the second.

Was slipping down leg through Jason Holder, right handed bat, comes to the crease Adil Rashid to Rovman Powell, out Caught by Woakes!! Wants to repeat the shot he played earlier and fails. A tame dismissal puts Gayle six runs short of a well deserved century. He wan't interested and sends him back just in time.

Rovman Powell c Woakes b Adil Rashid 8(9) [6s-1]Adil Rashid to Rovman Powell, THAT'S OUT!! It was short and wide outside off, he sits on the back foot and cuts it fiercely past backward point.

Third man had no chance to cut that off Stokes to J Mohammed, no run, Stokes finds the outside edge, but it doesn't carry through to the keeper.

We need one of the top four batters to get a hundred.

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