Danmark x x x

"Put it in."The Dane smiled and kissed his lover deeply as he slowly entered him inch by inch until he was fully in.The taller blonde closed his eyed and broke the kiss to grit his teeth hard, in pain.Feliciano waved back with a happy face, but Ludwig, who was by his side, only nodded at him.

Matthias really liked blowjobs, particulary the ones performed by the Swede. They'd probably won't have a lot of time, and people could search for them, so if they wanted to fuck, the 'shorter the better' needed to be applied in such a situation.

The Dane quickly undressed the other then took him in his arms and tackled him against the wall.

""S'meone k'll me now." the Swede growled, hitting his head on the seat in front of him.

The shorter blonde jumped on his seat and gave his 'friend' a big tight hug, nearly choking the other.

Shit, next time he'd wake up earlier and pack his stuff the day before.

The Dane had to take a flight to Tōkyō, cause this was where the World Meeting would take place this time. The Dane read the paper, looking for the position of his seat, wich happened to be '23 C'.

Matthias noticed the pained expression on the Swede's face and immediatly pulled out before plunging back in, finding his prostate on the first try.

Berwald arched and moaned between his teeth, his body feeling both pain and pleasure at the same time. "They nearly both fell to the ground out of exhaustion, their bodies and minds finally satisfied.

Two hours passed since Berwald decided to fall asleep to avoid contact between them. The Swede tried to get away, but the person behind him wouldn't let go.

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