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Koon noted there are “a lot of similarities” between this week’s carjacking and his daughter’s 16 years ago, but left unmentioned (by Koon and by NBC News) was the fact that in both cases white women in the suburbs were victimized by young black males from the city.The refusal to confront the obvious racial aspect of the carjackings is reminiscent of the mainstream media’s coverage of the abductions and murders of college students Eve Carson and Lauren Burk in spring 2008.The college sophomore’s battered and bullet-ridden body was discovered a couple hours later in a seedy alley in the city of Rochester.

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When Attorney General Eric Holder testified before the Senate in June, he repeatedly claimed that hate crime laws are not designed to protect whites.) For example, last month in Denver a 49-year-old white woman was killed when she was intentionally run-over by a Mexican driver.

A witness told police that immediately before the hit-and-run the suspects shouted, “We’re Mexicans! ” Rather than prosecute the murder as a White-on-White hate crime, the prosecutors went to great lengths to sanitize the witness’s statement of any evidence of anti-White bias.

‘White’ is a Suspect category and ‘Anti-Hispanic’ is a Bias category, so white-on-Hispanic hate crimes are recorded as such.

But because Hispanics aren’t a Suspect category, the only way to record a Hispanic-on-white hate crime is as a White-on-White hate crime.

The word “white” was removed from the indictment, and “white bitches” was shortened to just “bitches.” Anti-white violence is rarely treated as bias crime, while internecine violence between Hispanics is recorded as white-on-Hispanic bias crime.

When it comes to hate crime recording, the deck is clearly stacked against whites.Over a three-day period, five Mexican immigrants have been attacked. Anti-Mexican epithets were used during the attacks. Yet in the ‘Suspected Offender’s Race’ section, Hispanic is not listed.Hispanic suspects are recorded as ‘White.’ This asymmetrical reporting has important implications when it comes to hate crimes involving Hispanics and whites.The victim begged the suspects to stop raping her, fearing they would kill her unborn baby.Instead, the suspects repeatedly threatened to kill the woman (and her unborn baby) by shooting her in the stomach.30% were committed by groups of black men, and 43% were committed by mixed-race groups.

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