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The 7th and 8th BBB will be playing Scotland at Scotland starting at .Also, on Saturday, January 6th the 7th/8th BBB will not be playing- the Wagner game is not until February 3rd.

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Parts of the Atlantic Coast are still recovering from the onslaught of Hurricane Matthew, but even more flooding is on the way as local tides will reach some of their highest points of the year.

With little chance to recover between events, coastal cities are facing a constant reminder that climate change has already tipped the scales toward more frequent and bigger floods.

This week, points along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts will be experiencing those highest of high tides — commonly known as king tides.

But added to this natural tidal cycle are several inches of water brought on from an unnatural source: us.

We would like for them to perform for both sessions.

The first session begins at , and the second session begins at pm."YAY!When the earth, moon, and sun are in perfect alignment, gravity pulls the oceans to their highest tides, often afflicting coastal communities with minor or nuisance flooding that can close roads, inundate local businesses, erode beaches and cause sewage overflows.And as global warming accelerates sea level rise, these floods — often called sunny day floods — are increasing; in many locations they’re occurring 10 or 20 times a year.Please note the changes, and our apologies for not catching it prior to printing the newsletter.Due to the pending inclement weather, the grade school basketball game in Marion has been canceled for tonight, December 4th.Rising temperatures over the past century — mostly fueled by our carbon emissions from fossil fuels — have caused sea levels to rise, which has made high tides even higher than they used to be in most places.

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