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So mostly Harry spent his time in our flat alone, lonely.The rest of the time, he had me.i Ii Ii Ii"Hey, get me a lager? He must've heard me crack open the refrigerator door…or just knew me and knew the odds were good I was rummaging around for a drink or a snack of some sort.

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Rupert Grint and Bonnie Wright — better known as Ron and Ginny Weasley — had a magical reunion on Thursday night. Take a look at the adorable wizard sibs six years after they saved Hogwarts.

The photos were taken at a Los Angeles screening of the upcoming television adaptation of the 2000 crime comedy "Snatch," which Rupert Grint is both starring in and executive producing for Crackle.

After taking a few film roles after the "Harry Potter" saga ending, he's setting his eyes exclusively on television roles for 2017.

Alongside his starring role in "Snatch," he's also lined up to star in the British comedy series "Sick Note," and he'll play a friend of Adolf Hitler in an episode of the historical dramatization series "Urban Myths."Maybe next time Arthur, Molly, William, Charles, Percy and George can come along, too, for a full family reunion.

So he couldn't get a job and therefore had no coworkers to spend time with during the day.

Our friends, though, have jobs and went out and dated.

Guess that's what happens when you grow up on a movie set with a bunch of other kids.

And Rupert Grint's going to have a lot of projects for his magical friends to support this year.

We recognized it from the faint scars that still read, "I must not tell lies," and Hermione clasped it and cried while I frantically unburied the rest of him.

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